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Mobile Booking Button

"Did you know that 15% of all internet bookings are being made through a mobile device ?

Mobilebooker offers you the possibility to activate a mobile website on your own hotel website, so your hotelguests can book through a mobile booking system.

How does it work ?

Mobile Booker is linked to Cubilis and retrieves all information about the hotel, the rooms, and photos from Cubilis. Mobilebooker can be activated on your own existing hotel website placed under your own domain. When your website is being consulted from a mobile device, this is immediately detected and Mobile Booker will be loaded. If you browse with a PC or laptop, the default Web site will be shown.

Highlights ?

  • Easy to integrate into your website
  • CMS (adjustable) via Cubilis
  • customizable colors
  • Commission-free, no cost per booking
  • mobile website + mobile booking button
  • ..

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