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The Internet company Stardekk (since 1999 - Internet applications development), and known for Cubilis ® (a hotel reservation system and channel manager), which is used by more than 1300 hotels (worldwide), wins now the innovation award 2011 for Resto Booker ® as a groundbreaking product.

In 2007 Stardekk been nominated as a Creative Entrepreneur by Unizo when it was first webkantoor a quality of FEWEB (Federation of web companies).

Customers who have booked and do not turn up without notice to constitute a significant revenue loss for restaurants.

Peter Goossens Hof Van Cleve took the "no show" a few weeks back in the news (

That "no show" as a problem to prevent or to make the most efficient way to deal with, Stardekk at Horeca Expo 2011 launches the Resto Booker ® software. This enables customers via a secure line to the online availability of places in a restaurant check, reserve seats and cancel. The restaurant requires credit card information of customers. The customer must give its consent thereto that the restaurant a certain sum per person is allowed to write off credit card if he does not show up without prior cancellation within a reasonable time. The catering business can determine the conditions, the "fine" and determine the cancellation period.

The restaurant is bookable at the restaurant website, and through the portal  -

An important point is that Stardekk doesn’t charge any extra fees or commissions per booking . As Cubilis ® in the hotel sector, Resto Booker ® remains affordable and easy to use stay. RestoBooker should avoid no-shows, simplify the online administration and promote the direct reservations.


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