Cubilis: the heart of your online distribution

The Cubilis Channel Manager, part of the Cubilis Hotel Software package makes it possible to manage all your booking sites (OTAs) through one central control panel. With Cubilis you will save a lot of administration (time = money), avoid overbookings and increase your revenue!

Cubilis channel manager by Stardekk is online hotel software (SaaS, cloud based) made by and for hotel owners. It's our goal to keep Cubilis easy to use and free of extra charges per reservation. The daily management of your booking partners (OTA's, Tour Operators, Tourism Offices,...) will be kept simple thanks to the Cubilis channel manager. With Cubilis you will save time & administration and avoid overbookings. The Cubilis channel manager always works with a 2-way XML connection and collaborates with hundreds of partners. You can even connect with a lot of PMS systems (Protel, Micros, Mews, Lodgegate, Elina, Base7booking, Booking Planner,...). Cubilis can connect with GDS and Payment Providers (Ogone, Docdate, Saferpay,...) as well. Cubilis will keep your data safe as a trusted PCI Compliant provider.

Cubilis is preferred IT partner of, EXPEDIA and premium tripconnect partner of TRIPADVISOR

Some highlights:

  • Revenue Management (Yield Management), Channel Management
  • Through the XML Channel Manager "Cubilis" you can manage availability in one central screen for all your booking platforms
  • "PMS Connect" will push all reservations to your PMS (PMS: property management systems): Booking Planner, Opera, FITS hotel, Protel Hotelsoftware, MICROS-Fidelio Suite8, Horecatouch, Van Marcke, Mews, Mancloud, Taurus, Base7, VIPS, Elina   ... This 2-way connection will automatically input your reservations, adjust your allotments,...
  • Connections possible with Revenue Management systems like Pricematch, Ideas, OTA Insight, Poweryourroom ..
  • Avoid overbookings as Cubilis manages all OTAs automatically for you.
  • Save a lot of time by using one point of entry: Cubilis!
  • Get a higher revenue by using the full availability as you don't need to fear overbookings anymore!
  • Rateparity
  • "Cubilis" charges a fixed monthly fee (according to the number of rooms)
  • Without extra costs or commission per booking
  • PCI Compliant