Insights and reports

Obviously you want to closely follow up on the results of all your efforts. Which is why Cubilis comes with a variety of reporting methods.

Analyse developments by way of comprehensive reports

Cubilis comes with a report module that will generate or allow you to compile your own clear and conveniently arranged reports by way of a number of parameters.

  • View your turnover figures by way of various criteria such as room type, arrangement, etc.
  • Find out with which target group your accommodation finds most favour.
  • See which booking channels give the best turnover.

Get quality reviews

Authentic testimonials have the highest impact when it comes to persuading potential guests. Encourage customers to post a review after their time at your establishment. Posting this kind of reviews on your website will generate more direct bookings.

  • Cubilis also has a review module which easily integrates with your website and Booking Engine.  
  • You select the reviews that are posted online yourself.
  • For the full range of insights, link a reputation management partner via our marketplace.

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