More bookings without commission fees

You are dreaming of a high proportion of direct reservations coming in through your own website. Cubilis gives you a user-friendly online booking module on your website that immediately persuades travellers to complete their reservation directly, right there and then.  
A win-win situation for all: the traveller can rest safe in the knowledge he is getting the best value price and you as the operator pay fewer commission fees.

Your bottom price in the picture with the price comparison tool

Install our handy Ratebox on your website and convince your guest he is getting the best price on your website.  

  • The extra booking button highlights your best value price.
  • Clear call-to-action for visitors to book on your own website right away.
  • Practical price summary which singles out a direct booking as the best value option.

Offering exclusive extras on your own website

The Cubilis Booking Engine allows you to offer travellers an infinite range of arrangements. Put together the perfect package deal and post it as directly bookable on your website.  

  • Pull in travellers by way of extras on your website. Enable them to book things like hire bicycles, flowers in the room, etc. when they book a room.
  • Put together special package deals, which no one will be able to resist.
  • Act in targeted response to special events such as Valentines, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Easter, etc.

Secure online payments  

Smooth-paced bookings and payment transactions only increase customer satisfaction. Cubilis offers various integrations with payment service providers (PSP).

  • Go for a swift and flawless booking process and drive down your no-shows.
  • Link your Booking Engine with a PSP of your choice and enable your guests to pay using their preferred method of payment.
  • We are PCI-compliant, which means customers get to book with your establishment with full peace of mind.

Integration with Google Hotel Ads

Going with Cubilis also means you get a licensed Google integration partner on board. This enables us to set up Google Hotel Ads for you.

  • Configure your Google Hotel Ads and raise your visibility in the search results.
  • Free link on Google to your own booking engine to get in more direct reservations.
  • Via Google, travellers immediately get to see a run-down of all prices shown on the main channels.

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