Optimise your hotel’s payment process

As a hotelier, do you often encounter no-shows, late cancellations, payment refusals, credit card fraud, and time-consuming manual payment processes? If you've thought "yes" at least once, Cubilis has the ideal solution for your hotel, hostel, bed & breakfast, or holiday rental!

Secure payment options on hotel website

Secure payment options on your hotel website

Offering a variety of online payment options on your hotel website enables guests to complete their reservation effortlessly. Integrate the Cubilis booking module with a renowned payment provider (PSP) and allow hotel guests to pay securely with their preferred payment method. This ensures your hotel or B&B doesn't miss direct bookings and pays less commission to OTAs.

Secure payment options hospitality website
Hotel payment credit card guarantee

Guaranteed payment, even for no-shows

It's frustrating and costly when hotel guests fail to show up or cancel their booking last minute. With our hospitality payment solutions via a payment partner (PSP), you can confidently accept direct payments or payment guarantees when guests book online at your hotel, B&B, or holiday home.

  • Automatic verification of credit cards and payment details.
  • No risk of errors, fraud, or payment refusals.
  • Always sure of your money.

Efficient processing of hotel payments

Manually processing payments and refunds for each reservation at your accommodation requires a lot of work. Save time daily on your hotel management by simplifying and automating the payment process. This enables your hotel staff to focus on delivering an excellent guest experience in your hotel, B&B, or vacation rental!

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