Why connect Cubilis to a hotel Property Management System?

Investing in the right hotel software benefits your business in multiple ways, both in the short and in the long term. A Property Management System (PMS) helps you streamline and automate your daily routine, so that tasks can be carried out in an organised and efficient manner. However, a hotel PMS in itself is not a full-scope solution. You still need a reliable Channel Manager to handle your prices and availabilities on multiple booking channels.

By using a PMS in combination with the Cubilis Channel Manager, you can cover the most essential areas of successfully running an accommodation. Your Channel Manager is in charge of your online distribution (sales) and rate management, while your PMS assists you with all practical day-to-day tasks. The integration of both systems allows for maximum efficiency, saving you heaps of time and money.

When your operations behind the scenes run smoothly, guests also take notice. They don't have to wait too long to check in, they get quick access to their room (which was of course cleaned in time) and the payment goes flawlessly too. In other words, a PMS ultimately enhances the guest experience, which in turn leads to better reviews and a positive image for your accommodation.

Most popular PMS integrations with Cubilis

Because it’s vital that your Cubilis Channel Manager works together seamlessly with the PMS of your choice, we continue to invest in our PMS integrations. Below are the top 10 PMSs our clients use.

Top 10 PMS integrations with Cubilis
Top 10 PMS integrations with Cubilis

#1 Bookingplanner by Stardekk

Bookingplanner offers an affordable, user-friendly Property Management System that’s perfectly suited for small to medium-sized accommodations. You can count on excellent personal support in different languages.

#2 Mews

Our second most-connected PMS partner – another great addition to your Cubilis package, especially for larger hotels and chains – is Mews. With their comprehensive solution, they aim to make your day-to-day operations easier, faster and more connected.

#3 Protel

Coming in third place is Protel (owned by Planet), a worldwide leader in Property Management Systems for hotels with 25+ years of experience. Their PMS offers a sophisticated solution, tailored to the specific needs of multi-chain and independent international hotels.

#4 Hotelinco

Hotelinco (owned by MAIS Systems) is an easy-to-use Slovenian PMS designed for small to midsize accommodations. They offer a nice range of the most important features you need in order to run your property more efficiently.

#5 Elina

The Elina Property Management System focuses on business growth. The aim is to help accommodation owners improve their marketing and innovation by freeing up time with the right tools.

#6 Opera

In sixth place is Opera. This well-known property management software can be adapted to each property's specific needs and operates in single-property or multi-property mode.


VIPS CloudPMS (part of Freetime Hospitality) is one of the leading reservation systems in the Netherlands. Their solution – created by experienced hospitality professionals – serves both small and large accommodations.

#8 Amadeus

Being one of the larger corporations in our list, Amadeus Hospitality provides a comprehensive PMS for independent hotels and midsize chains. Their solution is aimed at improving the overall experience for employees, managers, owners and guests.

#9 Guestline

With over 25 years of experience and a diverse target audience, Guestline aims to cover all aspects of running a hospitality business: front office, reservations, housekeeping, maintenance, accounting ...

#10 Medialog

Closing our top 10 is Medialog, a French company founded in 1988. They offer an innovative PMS that adapts to the needs of each accommodation. Their focus is on hybrid technology and excellent customer support.

Not sure which PMS to choose?

Comparing the vast range of Property Management Systems can be quite challenging, as they all have their unique focus and advantages. We are here to help you make the best decision for your accommodation! Don't hesitate to contact us via the form below with all your questions.