Make sure your settings are on point for next year in order to generate more bookings. Rewatch our previous webinar & find out how to prepare for 2024. If you can’t log into our help center yet, request access here.

Tip #1: Offer multiple rate plans

Offering both flexible and non-refundable hotel rates on caters to a wider range of guest preferences, enhancing the booking appeal of your hotel, B&B or vacation rental.

Flexible rates (with free cancellation) are the most popular rate types among clients. 75% of hotels are more likely to get a booking by offering flexible cancellation policies. Non-refundable rates, on the other hand, appeal to price-sensitive travellers and are ideal for securing more bookings and guaranteeing revenue.

Choose to manage guest payments using Cubilis to get paid 100% in advance or let handle the payment process with regular payouts.

Tip #2: Extend your availability for greater visibility

Another effective way to attract more bookings during the off-season is by reopening your long-term availability on This places your hotel or B&B ahead of competitors who don’t extend their availability as far into the future.

Having long-term availability caters to early-bird bookers and significantly increases your visibility among potential guests searching up to 16 months ahead. keeps track of users who were researching your destination long in advance and retargets them with ads proposing accommodations that can be booked in the researched period. In other words, the more availability you add, the more exposure your hotel, B&B or holiday home receives.

Tip #3: Stand out with early-bird promotions

Attracting early bookers through early-bird promotions can significantly boost hotel occupancy well in advance. These specially designed offers, easily set up in Cubilis, target guests planning their travels ahead of time.

Offering Early Booker Deals on improves your ranking and visibility on the platform, making you stand out from the competition. Plus, a compelling discount can provide just that final push for travellers to choose your vacation rental, hotel or B&B.

More visibility and bookings with Early Booker Deals on
Stand out to travellers with Early Booker Deals on

Tip #4: Enhance your listing with the right photos

The quality and quantity of your property photos on strongly influence booking decisions. Hotels with five to ten high-quality photos are 29% more likely to secure a booking compared to properties with fewer than five photos.

Ensure that your photos accurately represent your hotel or B&B and highlight its best features.

Tip #5: Implement dynamic pricing

Using the right pricing strategy is essential for maximising low-season bookings. According to RoomPriceGenie, a 20% change in price can halve or double your number of bookings. Moreover, adjusting your prices in line with demand and other key factors can increase hotel revenue by 20%.

The most efficient way to adopt a dynamic pricing strategy? Integrate a Revenue Management System (RMS) with your Cubilis Channel Manager. That way, the optimal prices - as proposed by the RMS - are automatically pushed to, other OTAs and your hotel website.

Easily prepare your hotel or B&B for 2024 with Cubilis

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