Manage your rates like a pro

Looking to optimise your pricing strategy by way of discounts or going by different seasonal / pricing periods? All of that is easily done with the Cubilis Channel Manager.

Real-time synchronisation of prices

Price changes and room availabilities are instantly adjusted on all channels.

  • Allows for a highly flexible pricing strategy.
  • Double bookings are a thing of the past.
  • Huge time gains through automation.

Integrate with your favourite PMS

Cubilis has integrations with numerous Property Management Systems. This means data such as prices, restrictions, etc. are automatically exchanged between Cubilis and the PMS of your choice.

  • Integrations available with over 50 PMS applications (Mews, Bookingplanner, Protel, Fidelio, VIPS, Amadeus, Opera by Oracle, etc.).  
  • Cubilis allows you to set up different supplements per booking channel, which are updated in real-time in your Channel Manager & PMS via the integration.
  • Thanks to the integrations, Cubilis automatically relays the reservations to your PMS.

Optimise your rate management

In all cases, the Cubilis Channel Manager sets out from a standard rate plan, whilst simultaneously leaving a wide scope for many other calculated prices. 

  • Different rate plans with specific restrictions possible.
  • Using the business module, setting up a rate plan for companies by way of a login code could not be easier.
  • Add extras or add-ons such as hire bicycle, a bottle of champagne in the room, etc.

Take your pricing strategy to a higher level by way of arrangements

Cubilis enables you to easily put together arrangements which you then get to promote on your own website.

  • Raise the appeal of your arrangements by way of pictures, descriptions and a direct link on your website.
  • Ideal upselling opportunity by adding extras.
  • Offer your customers a total experience.

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