#1 Optimise your pricing strategy with seasonal pricing & rate plans

Applying seasonal pricing means that you adapt your rates to the changes in demand throughout the year. Seasonal pricing can be related to seasons or months, but also to specific days or weekends. Are there any events or prolonged weekends coming up? If so, don’t forget to adjust the minimum stay accordingly as well. In Cubilis, you can define a high season, mid season and low season as you wish. Since many travellers are currently looking for accommodations last-minute, it’s a good idea to review your pricing for the upcoming months. Make sure to complete these settings for the year ahead, in order to be bookable long enough in advance.

On top of your seasonal rates, Cubilis allows you to set up many other rates with specific restrictions. Create a last-minute rate plan, for instance, that can only be booked from a certain number of days before arrival. Using the business module, you can very easily create a special rate plan (with login code) for companies as well. A very useful Cubilis feature is that you are completely free to choose which rate plans you make available on which OTAs and on your own booking engine.

Cubilis rate plans
Cubilis rate plans

#2 Assemble original packages

Cater to travellers’ growing need for comfort and experience by offering original packages. Extend an ordinary overnight stay with, for example, a packed lunch to-go, bike rental, a boat trip or restaurant visit. This is a great way to increase your RevPAR. We recommend assembling your packages in the form of rate plans in Cubilis to enjoy the most setting options and flexibility possible. Highlight the packages on your website and make them even more appealing by adding inviting photos, enticing descriptions and a "book now” button.

#3 Offer exciting extras and promotions

Want to sell those last available rooms this summer? Convince last-minute bookers by introducing a temporary summer deal. If you use the Cubilis Booking Engine, you can create and promote a coupon code that’s applicable to the rate plans of your choice. It’s even possible to create a special rate plan for it that only becomes visible when a website visitor has entered the code. If needed, you can set a limit for the number of times this rate plan can be sold.

Adding interesting extras to your booking module that OTAs don’t offer (e.g. parking facility, a bottle of champagne, bike rental ...) is a great upselling opportunity and can help you gain more direct bookings. Good to know: Cubilis also gives you the option to offer certain extras only on the weekends or on specific days.

#4 Use your free Ratebox price comparison tool

Are you using the Ratebox widget to its full potential yet? This price comparison tool is designed to increase your direct reservations by encouraging potential clients to book on your website. The pop-up window appears on your homepage and offers visitors a clear comparison of the prices on different booking channels for the travel dates they entered. It highlights your direct booking rate – usually the most favourable option – with an eye-catching ‘book now’ button.  

Aside from your lower direct booking rate, you can list three additional advantages of booking directly. Popular extra benefits among guests are for example a free cot or children’s bed, flexible cancellation and early check-in or late check-out. If you want to attract guests to your restaurant, you could offer them a free welcome drink. Don’t forget to personalise the design of the Ratebox to match the rest of your website. This widget is free for all Cubilis Booking Engine users.

Cubilis Ratebox
Cubilis Ratebox

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