Time to update your payment processing method

Many hotels still take offline payments on site or simply request their guests’ credit card info at the time of booking to manually execute the transaction at the end of the stay. Not only is this approach time-consuming for both parties, but it also doesn’t offer hoteliers any guarantee of payment.  

The recently implemented PSD2 legislation requires double customer authentication to authorise online payments, so mere credit card details aren't enough to confirm online reservations. Adding online payment options to the booking process by means of Payment Service Providers (PSPs) constitutes the perfect solution.

Use Booking Engine in combination with PSPs for the smoothest process

Protect yourself against no-shows, late cancellations, payment refusals and chargebacks by linking your Cubilis Booking Engine to PSPs. This allows your clients to prepay during the booking process or at least guarantee the payment in a secure and PSD2-compliant way. The necessary amount is blocked on the guests’ account and is transacted or released at check-out.

Cubilis Booking Engine is an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online booking module that blends seamlessly with your website. Thanks to the available integrations with any number of Payment Service Providers, the entire booking process becomes completely frictionless. As opposed to other parties, we don’t charge any additional costs or commissions per transaction for online payments through our Booking Engine.

PSPs offer your guests multiple payment options, so they can choose the most convenient one to them. Any adjustments or additions to the booking can easily be charged with a single click, without having to go through the whole payment process again. The guest’s payment details are instantly verified and securely stored by the PSP.

Online payment options
Online payment options

Boost your customer satisfaction and revenue

Preventing friction during the booking and payment process is key to a positive overall guest experience. Any friction can cause you to lose conversions and upselling revenue. Hotel guests today expect the process to be secure, fast and effortless and don’t want to fuss around with credit cards on the last day of their trip. Offering a smooth booking process with online payment options through PSPs helps you cater to these growing expectations.

Providing multiple payment options has been proven to result in a higher conversion rate. On top of that, consumers tend to spend more money when paying via mobile because it’s so fast and easy, rendering the transaction less tangible. Conclusion: investing in a better payment solution is well worth it!

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