Why you need a free booking link

As an accommodation owner or manager, you’ve probably heard of Google Hotel Search before. It's a metasearch platform that compares booking websites to help users find the right accommodation for their next trip.

The widely used search tool provides travellers with a clear overview of all accommodations relevant to their search query, so they can easily navigate through and compare the available options. Aside from the paid listings (indicated by the word ‘Ad’), they can also see the free entries further down.  

Being present on this platform is one thing, but if you’re really looking to boost your commission-free bookings, you’ll have to guide users to your own booking engine. By providing a direct booking link within the search tool, your direct booking rate – which is usually the best price – will stand out and you’ll receive more direct reservations as a result.

The advantages of a free direct booking link in Google Hotel Search are clear:

  • Improve your online visibility
  • Attract more website visitors
  • Increase your direct bookings
  • Pay less commission fees
Google Hotel Search
Google Hotel Search

How to add a free direct booking link

To show up in the search results, all you need is a Google Business Profile for your hotel. Your accommodation will appear in the list when it matches the search query. On top of general company info and photos, you can display your real-time rates and availability on different booking platforms. Don’t have a Google Business Profile yet? You can easily set up an account at zero cost!

Do you want to generate more direct reservations by including your direct booking rate with a link to your own website? You’ll need a booking module on your website that is recognized by Google.

Integrate with an authorised Google partner

Adding a free direct booking link is only possible when you work with an authorised Google integration partner. Good news: Cubilis meets this criterion! As an official partner, we can establish your direct booking link in the Google Hotel Search tool through our Booking Engine solution.

Once your Google Hotel listing is active, our Booking Engine will automatically transfer your hotel details and your direct booking link will appear on your Google Business Profile. Thanks to our Channel Manager, all your rates and availabilities are automatically sent to Google as well.

Official Google integration partner
Official Google integration partner

Advertise for maximum visibility

Ready to take the next step? If you want your hotel and/or direct booking link to appear at the top of the list, you can always go for a sponsored feature through Google Hotel Ads.

Google lets you choose between different pricing factors:

  • Cost Per Click
    You’ll pay a fee for every time a user clicks on your ad, regardless of whether they book a stay or not.  
  • Cost Per Acquisition
    A fee is charged whenever a user makes a reservation through the ad (even if it gets cancelled later).
  • Cost Per Stay
    A fee is only charged if the traveller has actually stayed at your hotel and didn’t cancel the reservation.

Want to know more?

Interested in setting up Google Hotel Search for your hotel in combination with Cubilis Booking Engine? Please fill in the contact form below. We’re happy to help you out!

Already a Cubilis client and curious to know how you can connect Google Hotel Search with Cubilis? Read the manual in our Helpcenter!