Direct bookings are important

Research shows that direct bookings have seen a rise during the corona crisis. Did you know that more than 50% of travellers still visit their personal hotel website after discovering a suitable hotel on an OTA?  High time therefore to take a close look at your own website.

Hotel website with booking engine
Website client Guesthouse Cabosse, Suites & Spa - Antwerp

How do you recognise a good hotel website?

A good hotel website should inspire and invite you to book. Check whether the following features are already present on your website:

  • User-friendly navigation so visitors can quickly find what they're looking for.
  • Good quality photos so that visitors can already start dreaming of their stay in your hotel or B&B.
  • Clear, relevant information about the room types, location, meals, etc... so that the traveller can book straight away without asking extra questions.
  • The unique assets of your hotel or B&B.
  • Responsive design: it's important that your website also looks great on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

If you can't tick all these points off, read on because there's still some work to be done.

Stand out from the crowd

Your website needs to be technically on point and contain all the necessary information. But admit it, a smooth design is what guests want. That's why your website must stand out with a nice style with striking images, easy-to-read font, and clear call-to-actions or buttons that encourage action. After all, the more direct reservations come in via your own website, the less commission you pay.

Hotel website for more direct bookings
Website client Charmehotel Hancelot - Ghent

Choose a user-friendly solution

We also offer template websites. These are specially designed to convince even more visitors to make reservations through your own website. Moreover, with our template website, you have a new website in no time.

You can compare it to a turnkey house where you receive a fixed total package, but you can still add your own touches, such as your own style, photos, texts, etc. You can also quickly and easily modify your website yourself thanks to an extremely user-friendly CMS system (content management system).

Moreover, thanks to the integration of a template website and our booking engine, we can provide a lot of tools so you can get even more direct reservations:

Create a smooth online booking process

To get direct bookings, your website must of course offer the possibility to book online via a Booking Engine.

A Booking Engine is also part of the Bookingplanner All-In-One package. This Booking Engine integrates seamlessly with our template websites (and other websites too!). Moreover, this booking module also comes with extra useful tools such as:

  • Fastbooker
    Customers can immediately check whether your accommodation is still available on the desired dates.
  • Handy price comparison tool
    Guests can see at a glance the different rates you charge, directly and via online platforms. This way, they can see that booking directly is the cheapest option.
  • "Book a room" button
    We always provide an eye-catching booking button to increase conversion.

Get started!

Discover these and other features of our template websites. Be sure contact our sales team to take a closer look at our designs!