Ratebox: generate more direct bookings

To optimise your distribution strategy, you have to find the perfect mix between bookings from indirect channels (OTAs, GDS…) & direct channels (website/booking engine…). To generate more direct bookings, your direct booking rate has to be the cheapest one. You can also give some extra benefits like free breakfast, bottle of champagne…  

The most important thing is that you highlight your direct bookings. Thanks to the Ratebox, the visitor immediately sees that your price is more advantageous than the prices on other channels. This stimulates them to book directly. A win-win for both, as you pay no commission on these direct bookings.  

Cubilis Ratebox
Our Ratebox

Which features are included in the Ratebox?

  • Comparison with other channels
    The Ratebox compares the price of your own website with the prices on other channels (OTAs). You can customise it by choosing which channels you want to compare with your Booking Engine. If your direct booking rate is the cheapest one, website visitors are more likely to book direct.  

    Curious how you can set up advanced rate management for different channels? Try our Channel Manager!
  • Choose your room types & rate plans
    Except adjusting the Ratebox by selecting your channels, you can also customise room types & rate plans. Important is that your room types & rate plans are available on all the channels that you want to compare. This gives you the opportunity to take your direct booking strategy to the next level.
  • Discounts & extra advantages
    It’s also possible to add an extra discount on your Ratebox to stimulate your direct bookings. The Ratebox allows you to add 3 extra advantages. Can your guests enjoy a free breakfast when booking 3 nights? Show this special promotion and increase the chance of getting direct reservations.
  • Integration possible with every website
    You can easily add the Ratebox to your website by adding a code in your website. We have an easy manual that you can send to your webmaster to set it up.
    Another advantage of the Ratebox is that you can make it fit the look & feel of your website. Change colours and texts according to your wishes.
  • Responsive
    It’s very important that your website is responsive, but the Ratebox also displays well on each device: desktop, tablet or smartphone.
“50% of accommodation searches and bookings are made on mobile”
(Source: Travelport Digital, Booking.com)
  • Connect with Google Analytics
    Do you want to track the traffic on the Ratebox? You can connect the Ratebox with Google Analytics, so you can measure the clicks & conversions on the Ratebox.

Try it for free!

Ratebox is free to all users of our Cubilis Booking Engine. Do you want to try this price comparison tool for free or do you have questions about the setup of the Ratebox? Fill in the form below!