What are the main technology trends in hospitality?

Trend #1 – Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI isn't just a new gadget; it's your gateway to personalised guest services. By analysing guest data, you can tailor experiences like never before. AI-driven virtual assistants and chatbots (like Chat GPT and Runnr.ai) can take on everyday queries and tasks, freeing up your team to add that irreplaceable human touch.

Trend #2 – Smartphones intertwined with travel

Smartphones have of course been around for a while, but they have now become an essential part of travel for both guests and accommodations. From easy booking and digital room keys to barrier-free room service, smartphones can help elevate convenience levels and the overall guest experience. For you, it provides a direct communication channel to address questions or requests promptly.

Hospitality trend: smartphones as integral part of the guest experience
Trend: smartphones as integral part of the guest experience

Trend #3 – Automated guest communication

New automated messaging and emailing tools (e.g. Lacoly and Oaky), often integrated with the hotel PMS, are rapidly becoming more prevalent in the hospitality industry. With these time-saving technologies, you can streamline your guest communication, ensuring each client receives the necessary personalised messages at each step of the guest journey. This not only improves guest satisfaction, but also unlocks upsell opportunities.

Trend #4 – Switch to digital invoicing

Digital invoicing was announced to become mandatory in the B2B sector by 2026. Making this switch boosts efficiency, cuts costs,and greatly simplifies your payment, billing and accounting processes.

Trend #5 – Social media for hotel marketing

Social media platforms continue to play a vital role in inspiring (potential) guests, building brand awareness, increasing loyalty and driving bookings. It’s highly recommended to embrace new trends, such as influencer collaborations and user-generated content campaigns. Remember, promoting your destination is just as crucial as showcasing your property.

Trend #6 – More accessible dynamic pricing

Stay competitive by managing rates in real-time, based on demand, market trends, occupancy, and other factors. Thanks to new accessible software solutions (e.g. RoomPriceGenie), revenue management and dynamic pricing are no longer limited to large hotels and chains.

What are the main trends in traveller needs & preferences?

Trend #7 - Need for personalisation

Today's hotel guests want to feel special and understood. Harness AI and technology to learn their preferences, creating a guest experience that feels exclusive and unique, from personalised welcome messages to tailored activity suggestions.

Trend #8 – Rising interest in local experiences

Travellers are increasingly seeking authentic, local experiences that allow them to really connect with their destination. Highlight your local area by promoting nearby attractions, unique dining spots or guided tours. Partnering with local businesses can also help elevate your property's appeal.

Trend #9 – More sustainable travel choices

Environmental consciousness is no longer a niche concern; it's a mainstream trend. Implement sustainable practices into your operations and communicate them on your website and socials to attract a growing audience of eco-minded guests. Booking.com even rewards your sustainability efforts with higher visibility on their platform.

Trend #10 - Growing popularity of contactless services

The demand for contactless options is here to stay after the pandemic. Travellers continue to expect seamless online experiences, from booking to check-out. Invest in technologies like self-service kiosks that facilitate independent check-ins, room access, and transactions to respond to guests’ need for flexibility, autonomy and convenience.

Trend #11 – Importance of clearly listed amenities

Hotel amenities play an important role in travellers’ decision-making. Provide clear, consistent listings of your amenities on your website and booking platforms. This clarity helps guests make confident decisions and boosts their overall satisfaction.

Trend #12 – Guests want more flexibility

In today’s unpredictable world, guests value flexibility more than ever. Travellers now tend to book earlier in advance than in 2022, giving more room for travel plans to change unexpectedly. Attract more bookings by offering flexible booking policies that include free cancellations and modifications in exchange for a slightly higher rate.

Trend #13 - Rise of remote work & workations

The immense popularity of remote work and workations is changing what people seek in accommodations. Cater to the needs of this demographic with dedicated workspaces, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, work-friendly amenities, and special packages. It’s not just for big hotels and chains! Smaller accommodations and even holiday homes are also in demand.

Hospitality trend: growing popularity of remote work & workations
Trend: growing popularity of remote work & workations

What are the main trends in travellers’ booking behaviour?

Trend #14 – Travel inspiration over destination

Rather than having a set bucket list of travel destinations, people are increasingly relying on various online platforms for travel inspiration and recommendations of peers. Ensure your property stands out on search engines, OTAs, metasearch platforms, and social media. It's about being visible online and inspiring wanderlust.

Trend #15 – Willingness to spend more per booking

Our research of booking data from Belgium and the Netherlands has revealed that guests are willing to spend more for the right experience. The average price per booking in 2023 was around 10% higher than in 2022. Airbnb clients spend on average 38% more per booking, whereas guests who book directly spend on average 25% more. Both groups also book considerably longer stays. Offer richer experiences by promoting longer stays, extras and value-added packages on your Booking Engine.

Get ready for the future of hospitality!

By acknowledging and adapting to these 15 trends, you can set your property apart in today’s dynamic hospitality landscape. It's about being proactive, guest-centric, and open to new technologies! Would you like to discover how Cubilis helps you future-proof your accommodation? Don’t hesitate to contact us below!