Appeal to a growing audience with mobile rates  

Mobile devices have become an integral part of travellers' booking habits. Over half of all bookings on (59%) are made on a mobile device. By activating a mobile rate on, you can appeal to this growing traveller segment and secure 22% more bookings from mobile traffic.  

Mobile rates enjoy enhanced visibility on thanks to an eye-catching badge. With an exclusive rate for mobile bookers – we recommend a discount of 10% or higher – you’ll stand out from the competition and entice potential guests to choose your property.

Attract guests from specific regions with country rates

International travel is on the rise again, with an increase of 35% compared to last year. That gives you the opportunity to attract more international guests! With country rates on, you can effectively respond to the demands and peak travel times of specific geographical markets.

Country rates are specific discounts that you can offer to travellers from certain regions. They can help you:

  • Fill more rooms during low season
  • Boost your conversion in specific countries
  • Tap into new markets

Want to grab this opportunity to boost your visibility?

You can easily set up your mobile and country rates in Cubilis by adding a new promotion for  

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