Better online visibility for your hotel

A channel manager is a must have for every hospitality professional that wants to promote an accommodation online. Travellers often look for overnight stays on popular online booking platforms like Airbnb or Smaller, local online travel agencies (OTAs) like Logeren in Vlaanderen and are becoming more widely known as well. If you want a high occupancy rate, then advertising on a number of these platforms is the way to go.

But how do you quickly modify your prices on all these platforms? And how to avoid overbookings? In Cubilis Channel Manager you can manage prices and availability of all your online booking channels through one central dashboard. Modifications are updated in real time on all channels. This saves you time and reduces the number of overbookings.

Better online visibility for your hotel
Better online visibility for your hotel

A good pricing strategy for your accommodation

Price is often the decisive factor when travellers book an overnight stay. A good pricing strategy is crucial to convince potential guests to complete the booking, but also ensures you get the most out of your available hotel rooms, every day.

You always need to set the right price at the right time. You don’t want to do yourself a disservice and let people book too cheaply, but you don’t want to be too expensive either. Are you wondering how to find the time to analyse everything 365 days a year? Arevenue management systemdoes the analysing for you!

Cubilis Channel Manager connects you with revenue management systems like RevControl and OTA Insight. You can find an overview of all our RMS partners, as well as more information about them, at our Marketplace.

Scale up your hotel business
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More direct bookings

Before, we mentioned OTAs as important online platforms to generate bookings. Yes, they provide your accommodation with great online visibility, but they often charge commission in return. That’s why it is important that not all reservations run through OTAs. You need to ensure a healthy mix of direct bookings and OTA bookings. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Does your hotel website have an integrated Booking Engine that allows visitors to book quickly and secure?  Cubilis Booking Engine comes with a fastbooker, so customers can immediately check when your accommodation is available. The Booking Engine can also be linked to a price comparison tool, which displays your rates on different booking channels and highlights the cheapest direct booking price.

Cubilis Channel Manager connects seamlessly with Cubilis Booking Engine. This way rates & availability from your website are transmitted to this central system as well, and no overbookings are possible. We even offer Cubilis Channel Manager and Cubilis Booking Engine in one package!

More professionalism, less administration

Do you want to take your hotel management to a professional level? Connect Cubilis channel manager to a property management system(PMS) and an accountancy system. These connections really reduce the administrative workload and help you manage your business in a professional way.

Not only professionalism, but security as well, plays a big role in convincing people to book at your accommodation. Connect your booking systems to safe payment providers like Mollie, Payconiq and Wordline in order to install trust.

Connect with more than 400 partners
Connect with more than 400 partners

Cubilis Channel Manager

Cubilis Channel Manager allows you to choose a collection of multiple tools you want to work with and ensures a flawless direct communication between all systems.

Do you want to try out Cubilis Channel Manager for free? Demand your free trial via the form below and discover all the advantages. You can find an overview of all cubilis integrations at our Marketplace.